Additional Product Details

IMAJ provides a unique one of a kind, handmade, product with many designs and framing options. We enjoy providing a personal touch through conversation, this gives you, our customer, the best possible experience. 

We offer a wider variety of frames or you may specify a frame of your choice. The matting used is archival rag board. We use white as a standard or you can specify any special colors we may have available.

All of our Kimono's are custom made to your specifications, but some of th sizes ae as follows:

Petite Kimono

Standard Frame - 13" wide x 14" high

Oversize Frame - 17" wide x 18" high

Small Kimono

Standard Frame - 17" wide x 19" high

Oversize Framd - 22" wide x 24" high

Mid-size Kimono approximately 28" wide x 33" high x 2" deep

Large Kimono approximately 34" wide x 40" high 2" deep

Petite Triptych horizontal 42" wide x 21" high x 2" deep (vertical also available)

Small Triptych horizontal 50" wide x 27" high x 2" deep (vertical also available)

... many more patterns available