It frays instead of tearing because it is fiberous.

The Artist

"My Grandmother was extremely talented with her hands, she passed that unto me."


Is another name for location/state.

"You are sure to be intrigued from time to time, by an object that is an original."

Peacock Affair

The Artist

Creating original objects is exactly what Rosella Harrison Peck, better known as "Pat", has been doing for years.

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, Pat was very close to her Grandmother while growing up. In fact, that is where her nickname originates from. Her grandmother, as Pat explains it, is her mentor. "My Grandmother was extremely talented with her hands, she passes that talent unto me."

With a degree in Hisotry from Knoxville College, Pat gained employment with a major airline and has had the opportunity to travel continuously. Her flights take her exclusively to Asia where she has developed an affinity for the simple beauty of the Far East, which is reflected in her "Orientalia" art.

Pat has studied exhaustively in Japan under the watchful eyes of Yoko Kimura and Yuriko Kodama, using the traditional Washi (paper) to create the artful Kimono in her unique style. Each piece of artwork Pat creates is individually handcrafted, lined, signed and numbered.


"Washi", also known as "Wagami" is a wonderfully versatile long-lasting paper made in Japan using long-established techniques. "Wa" (Japanese) combined with "shi" (paper) is deeply rooted in the cultural landscape; "washi" is Pat's material of choic for her beautiful miniature kimono's.

The Washi used is hand selected by Pat in Japan at her favorite shops, some of which are quite removed from the "mainstream." The Kimono designs vary with a multitude of patterns. These patterns reflect many different periods in history, beginning in the Middle Ages (1185-1573), continuing through the Edo period (pre-modern 1573-1868) to the present day.


The prefectures (location/state) of Japan are the country 47 subnational jurisdictions and also signifies specific designs in Washi based on the prefecture of the Washi.

For Example:

  • From Okinawa Prefecture Youtanza Minsaa is a figured design with geometric flowers.
  • Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefectures employs the Kaga Yuzen designs mostly of flowers and plants.
  • The Kyoto Prefecture uses Kyoto Yuzen designsand generally features birds, flowers, landscapes and court scenes and is often embellished with gold and siver leaf.